April 2012 Near-Earth asteroid retrieval: See our new academic study on Asteroid capture using a binary exchange mechanism, there is also a shorter conference paper version. See videos here: [1], [2], [3]. A captured asteroid could provide additional natural resources to supplement Earth's, and spur a space-based economy beyond the Earth. See an online slide show of the idea.

April 2012 New paper on "Small fluctuations in the recovery of fusaria across consecutive sampling intervals with unmanned aircraft 100 m above ground level" accepted to Aerobiologia

April 2012 Slides from talk at BIRS posted here

March 2012 New MultiSTEPS website launched

February 2012 VT news story on CAREER award. Also at TMC Net with 400,000 unique visitors

January 2012 Ross receives NSF CAREER Award through the Dynamical Systems program. Read the press release.

November 2011 Ross has new paper in the journal American Biology Teacher on teaching high school students about how barriers shape where organisms go, with Cindy Bohland and David Schmale

October 2011 Ross gave talk at the Society of Engineering Science meeting, available here, at session on Vortex Dynamics and Future Directions in Fluid Dynamics in Honor of Hassan Aref.

October 2011 Ross's academic genealogy. Some notables are Copernicus, Erasmus, Leibniz, Jacob & Johann Bernoulli, Euler, Lagrange, Laplace, Dirchlet, Fourier, Poisson, and Gauss.

September 2011 New paper and accompanying press release on new NSF project on long-distance dispersal of airborne microbes. Our paper is listed as higlighted research on the Chaos journal website.

September 2011 Ross has been cited 600 times, with an h-index of 12 (according to ISI)

August 2011 Ross is PI on new NSF project on Dynamical Mechanisms Influencing the Population Structure of Airborne Pathogens: Theory and Observations, funded through the Dynamical Systems program of NSF

June 2011 See article on aerobiology: 'The barrier that brought them together' on atmospheric sampling and modeling of airborne pathogen transport

June 2011 Trinidad: Ross organizing minisymposium on Mechanics in Biology at the Pan American Congress on Applied Mechanics (PACAM) in January, 2012. Email me if interested in submitting.

June 2011 Canada: Ross invited to 2012 workshop on Open Dynamical Systems: Ergodic Theory, Probabilistic Methods and Applications at the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery.

June 2011 Canada: Ross to speak at ICIAM 2011 in Vancouver in July, including the Jerry Marsden Momerial Activities and the minisymposium on Transfer Operator Methods for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

June 2011 Italy: Ross was a plenary speaker at the School and Conference on Computational Methods in Dynamics at The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in July.

May 2011 Germany: Ross gave a talk on 'Geometry of phase space transport in a variety of mechanical systems' at University of Paderborn, hosted by the app lied mathematics group of Michael Dellnitz, Mirko Hessel-von Molo and Sina Ober-Blobaum

May 2011 Netherlands: Ross gave a keynote talk on 'Coherent structures and biological invasions' at the Lorentz Center, participating in the program on Coherent Structures in Dynamical Systems

April 2011 See new paper published in Aerobiologia on 'Isolates of Fusarium graminearum collected 40-320 meters above ground level cause Fusarium head bl ight in wheat and produce trichothecene mycotoxins'

March 2011 See new paper published in Physical Review Letters on 'Topological chaos and periodic braiding of almost-cyclic sets'

March 2011 See new paper published in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering on 'Using topological equivalence to discover stable control parameters in biodynamic systems'

February 2011 See new paper published in International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering on 'Detection and characterization of transport barriers in complex flows via ridge extraction of the finite time Lyapunov expone nt field'

September 2010 Mourning the loss of Jerry Marsden, mentor and friend. Caltech press release

August 2010 Congratulations to Phanindra Tallapragada on passing his Ph.D. defense! See his dissertation here

August 2010 See news story on new MultiSTEPS program: Program to train researchers at the intersection of engineering, biology

August 2010 The lab has a new YouTube channel. Check it out.

July 2010 Ross co-PI on new NSF IGERT program, MultiScale Transport in Environmental and Physiological Systems (MultiSTEPS), beginning this year

June 2010 Congratulations to Piyush Grover on passing his Ph.D. defense! See his dissertation here

May 2010 Ross featured in news article: New research could help model Gulf oil spill dispersion

May 2010 Ross' research featured in Newswise article: Research Advances Understanding of Pollution Dispersion in Atmosphere, Ocean

May 2010 Ross given Outstanding New Assistant Professor Award by Virginia Tech College of Engineering.

May 2010 Congratulations to Carmine Sentaore on passing his Ph.D. dissertation defense! See his dissertation here

April 2010 SIAM's educational website Why Do Math officially launched featuring my node on space travel

March 2010 New journal article with former student Martin Tanaka, currently Asst Prof at Wake Forest Univ,: "Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Seated Stability", Journal of Biomechanics

February 2010 New paper with Francois Lekien on finite-time Lyapunov exponents and Lagrangian coherent structures on manifolds, with application to global-scale atmospheric transport barriers, appearing in Chaos special issue on Lagrangian coherent structures, where our image is on the cover==>

January 2010 New paper on dynamcal boundaries in biomechanics in Chaos December 2009 Interplanetary transport network: See these movies and maybe it will make more sense

September 2009 Two articles on the interplanetary transport network in the British press: Times of London and Telegraph, based on presentation at British Science Festival on gravitational corridors

August 2009 Ross and Schmale awarded NSF grant on Atmospheric Transport Barriers and the Biological Invasion of Toxigenic Fungi in the Genus Fusarium from the Division of Environmental Biology

October 2009 ESM is hiring! We are seeking to fill two assistant professor positions. See the ad

July 2009 Ross part of interdisciplinary NSF team to study complex microsystem networks inspired by internal insect physiology headed by Jake Socha; see press release

September 2009 Interplanetary transport network: See these movies and maybe it will make more sense

June 2009 Ross to speak at British Science Festival in September; see ESM news article

May 2009 Talks from SIAM Dynamical Systems Conference: by Mark Stremler and by Shane Ross; includes work by Piyush Grover and Pankaj Kumar

Mar 2009 Paper to appear in Journal of Biomechanics - Evaluation of the threshold of stability for the human spine with M. Tanaka and M. Nussbaum

Dec 2008 Paper to appear in Nonlinear Dynamics - Separatrices and basins of stability from time series data: an application to biodynamics with M. Tanaka

Nov 2008 Ross's talk at the Zurich Physics Colloquium available as video podcast - The interplanetary transport network: mapping chaotic motion through the solar system

Oct 2008 Ross to speak at Workshop on Stability and Instability in Mechanical Systems: Applications and Numerical Tools, Institut de Matematiques de la Universitat de Barcelona, December 1 to 5, 2008

Nov 1 November issue of Astronomy magazine has story on 'How scientists discovered a solar system "superhighway"'

Sep 9 Congratulations to Piyush Grover and Phanindra Tallapragada on passing their preliminary exams.

Aug 19 New papers on trajectories in multi-moon planetary environments (using controlled Keplerian maps): optimal capture from infinity and transfer between two moons

26 Jul Paper with Phanindra Tallapragada on particle segregation in a fluid accepted by Physical Review E

22 Jul Physica D paper on local stability/instability of the 2D passive biped walker now available online

7 Jul Ross' multimedia educational node on space travel is unveiled during the SIAM Annual Meeting

6 May Congratulations to Carmine Senatore for passing his preliminary exam today!

22 Apr Paper on recovery envelopes in biomechanics accepted at 2008 International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

15 Apr Martin Tanaka's thesis is available: Biodynamic Analysis of Human Torso Stability using Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents

29 Mar David Paul Ross is born! (8 lbs 8 oz and 20 in long)

27 Mar Book review by Ross is cover article for the April issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

6 May Congratulations to Carmine Senatore for passing his preliminary exam today!

22 Apr Paper on recovery envelopes in biomechanics accepted at 2008 International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

15 Apr Martin Tanaka's thesis is available: Biodynamic Analysis of Human Torso Stability using Finite Time Lyapunov Exponents

29 Mar David Paul Ross is born! (8 lbs 8 oz and 20 in long)

27 Mar Book review by Ross is cover article for the April issue of Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

25 Mar Congratulations to PhD student Martin Tanaka passed his doctoral examination today!

31 Jan PhD student Carmine Senatore to present at the 2008 American Control Conference on "Fuel efficient navigation in complex flows"

28 Jan Book available online: Dynamical Systems, the Three-Body Problem and Space Mission Design

14 Jan PhD student Piyush Grover to present paper at the 2008 AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, Jan 27-31

01 Dec Ross awarded funding from Kevin P. Granata Occupational Safety and Health Pilot Research Program for "Recovery envelopes: a new tool in the evaluation of fall risk"

08 Nov PhD students Carmine Senatore and Phanindra Tallapragada to present at the VT Fluid Mechanics Symposium on Nov 9th.

21 Sep New paper on Separatrices and basins of stability from time series data with Martin Tanaka.

18 Sep Particle segregation in a fluid: Work with Phanindra Tallapragada to be presented at the Annual Meeting of the APS Divison of Fluid Dynamics, 18-20 Nov.

24 Aug Multi-moon orbiter trajectory design: Ross to present paper in collaboration with student Piyush Grover at the 20th International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics, 24-28 Sep.

25 Jul Martin Tanaka and Jesse Norris to present talks at special session on Kevin Granata at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, 26-29 Sep.

20 July Ross will be visiting Caltech's CDS dept July 30-Aug 3.

15 June Ross to attend workshop on behavioral and cognitive dynamical systems at Cornell, August 6-9.

28 May Biomechanics paper on possible inverse relationship between locomotive efficiency and stability in human walking.

1 May Ross is co-advising Martin Tanaka, a PhD student in the VT-WFU School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences. Mr. Tanaka is working in the area of neuromuscular biomechanics and specifically biodynamics and stability of human movement.

1 Mar PhD student Carmine Senatore has made a movie demonstrating a new method for finding fuel-efficient paths in complex flows.

21 Feb Ross is chair for Classical Mechanics session at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems in Snowbird, Utah on May 28.

5 Dec US plans for Moon base BBC

12 Jan Ross is invited speaker at the APS April Meeting in Jacksonville, Florida.

15 Nov Should we build astronomical observatories on the Moon or in free space? Physics Today

19 Oct US adopts tough new space policy BBC

10 Oct Piyush Grover and Carmine Senatore have both joined as PhD students.

9 Oct I've changed the format of the news. I'll try to put current events related to our research group. If demand is great, I'll still put up recent news articles of interest.

24 Aug After 76 years in the club, Pluto is no longer a planet The Times

16 Aug Solar system to welcome three new planets New Zealand Herald

15 Aug Discovery Hints at a Quadrillion Space Rocks Beyond Neptune | Long-sought shapely space figure found MSNBC

14 Aug Pluto faces expulsion from planetary league Register | Plenty more like Pluto Brian Marsden

10 Aug Physicist and Space Pioneer Van Allen Dies at 91 Washington Post

31 Jul Hitchhiking in space Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Science Archive

3 Jul Asteroid to narrowly miss Earth ABC

28 Jun Old US satellite floats near International Space Station M&C

27 Jun Former astronaut takes over US space command Reuters

14 Jun Hawking: Humans must colonize space to survive Chicago Tribune

3 May Cloaking device proposed to render objects invisible BBC

1 May The Interplanetary Transport Network by Shane Ross for American Scientist

25 Mar Ride the celestial subway New Scientist

24 Mar Space Travel Price No Longer Out of This World LA Times | Farmer sets sights on space This is London

15 Mar Crashed Genesis probe delivers solar wind New Scientist

11 Mar Star shade will let alien planets shine New Scientist

10 Mar Saturn's moon may feed its ring Albuquerque Tribune | Water found on Saturn moon

9 Mar New asteroid at top of Earth-threat list New Scientist

7 Mar Space traffic control? New Scientist | New Hazards for a New Age William Ailor

28 Feb Shane to join Virginia Tech's Dept of Engineering Science & Mechanics News release

17 Feb NASA must stay competitive, lawmakers tell space agency chief San Jose Mercury News

16 Feb New joint venture by American companies joins space tourism race San Jose Mercury News

15 Feb NASA Moon Plans Advance

14 Feb Space Exploration Alliance concludes successful budget week

8 Feb Military role in space said set to expand ABC News

7 Feb NASA Completely Forgot Probe Was Returning Today The Onion

26 Jan Earth-Like Planet Found Outside Solar System Washington Post |

21 Jan NASA Asteroid Mission Won't Launch This Year

20 Jan Bound for Pluto ... and beyond Chicago Tribune

19 Jan Space junk still accumulating, adding to hazard USA Today

18 Jan Launch of spacecraft to Pluto postponed NASA

15 Jan Stardust brings home samples of comet and interstellar dust JPL-Caltech

9 Jan UK's top scientist: 'I hope that space travel will become cheaper even though it will be riskier' Independent

5 Jan Hyperspace engine could make interstellar space travel a reality New Scientist

1 Jan New methods in celestial mechanics and mission design Marsden & Ross

28 Dec's Jeff Bezos plans space facility near Seattle Mumbai Mirror

20 Dec US group proposes Neptune mission BBC

18 Dec Virgin Galactic announces its first 100 space tourists New Scientist

16 Dec New Mexico To build spaceport Government Technology

15 Dec Strange new object found at edge of Solar System New Scientist

14 Dec Asteroid Probe Yields Insight For Planetary Defense

13 Dec Virgin's space race Daily Telegraph

8 Dec Where's the Real Bottleneck in Scientific Computing? American Scientist

1 Dec A Spiral Stairway to the Moon and Beyond

30 Nov Neptune-Size Planet Orbiting Common Star Hints at Many More

18 Nov Tube Route Science (pdf version)

17 Nov Asteroid lander misses its mark Nature | Japanese space agency mission website

16 Nov NASA wants private sector help for space Reuters

9 Nov Gravity-Powered Asteroid Tractor Proposed to Thwart Impact

7 Nov Les mathematiques unifient la dynamique interplanetaire et l'atome Techno Science (French)

31 Oct Pluto may have 3 moons CNN

22 Oct Las matematicas celestes son equivalentes a las de la fisica atomica Tendencias 21 (Spanish)

14 Oct The dawn of a new space race? BBC

13 Oct U.S. Millionaire Enjoyed Space Station Trip

12 Oct Chinese Astronaut Celebrates Birthday in Space

11 Oct Brain drain threatens Israel's academic future' Ynet

5 Oct Math Unites The Celestial And The Atomic Science Daily

5 Oct Gamma ray burst mystery solved USA Today

5 Oct Japan's Asteroid Sample-Return Mission Has Problems

3 Oct '10th planet' has moon companion BBC

29 Sep Mathematics Unites the Heavens and the Atom NSF press release on my work

28 Sep Starry-eyed Google teams up with NASA London Times

24 Sep Math Unites the Celestial and the Atomic AMS press release

20 Sep How We'll Get Back to the Moon NASA

18 Sep With Traffic at a Crawl, Planners Talk of Tunnels KTLA

13 Sep A Hoist to the Heavens IEEE Spectrum |

12 Sep Worker's mistake causes LA power outage CNN

9 Sep Astronomers Find Infant Version of our Solar System

31 Aug Hurricane Katrina moves ashore NASA

29 Aug Telescope sees alien asteroid belt CNN

29 Jul No wait! Actually, Caltech scientists discovered a tenth planet! JPL-Caltech

29 Jul New world found in outer solar system New Scientist

13 Jul NASA Scientist Finds World With Triple Sunsets JPL

11 Jul Eye-to-Eye with a Black Hole

6 Jul To explore is human Michael Griffin

4 Jul NASA probe strikes comet NASA |

24 Jun Space Tourism: Keeping The Customer Satisfied

23 Jun The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea Wired

21 Jun First solar sail launches | ...and subsequently crashes LA Times

14 Jun 'Earth-like' planet found orbiting another star BBC

25 May First oil pipeline from Caspian Sea opened Business Week

5 May Bird flight animation I made from a simple four-link model of a bird

2 May Harvard Prof Works As Hollywood Math Whiz AP

16 Apr Navigating Celestial Currents Science News

11 Apr Sudden burst of radiation may have devastated early marine life Scotsman

9 Apr Earth's oldest rock on display BBC

5 Apr Durable Mars Rovers Sent Into Third Overtime Period JPL/NASA

23 Mar 'Seeds of a Revolution' Could Help Change NASA

15 Mar Blue Origin Spaceport Plans are Talk of Texas Town

4 Mar Analysis Shows Prehistoric 'Hobbit' a Distinct Species Sci-Tech Today

28 Feb Leaking Gravity May Explain Cosmic Puzzle

13 Feb Europe's Super Rocket Takes Off Deutsche Welle

15 Jan I'm married! Yeah!

14 Jan Probe sends first images from Titan ESA

24 Dec Space scientists send probe to Saturn's moon Titan JPL/NASA

14 Dec NASA Set to Launch First Comet Impact Probe JPL/NASA

14 Dec What Next for NASA? O'Keefe Leaves in Good Stead, But Agency Remains Troubled | NASA, in Danger of Dying, Needs a Tough New Boss LA Times

22 Nov NASA launches spacecraft to hunt for black holes Xinhua

18 Nov Clinton, Bush, and The Edge hang out in Arkansas ABC News

17 Nov After 13-month flight, Europe arrives at the moon Guardian

11 Nov SMART-1 -- from Earth-bound to Moon-bound SpaceRef

4 Oct Rocket ship wins $10 million prize, sets course for space tourism SD Union-Tribune | Tourism's new frontier Guardian

2 Oct In new quest for space, danger is embraced Houston Chronicle

27 Sep Virgin plans space flights for 2007 CNN

25 Sep Manipulation a powerful weapon for hostage-takers New Zealand News

22 Sep C.S. Lewis and Freud at a dinner party NRO

19 Sep Bush Faces Global Critics at U.N. This Week Reuters | China completes its first orderly transfer of power in the communist era SF Gate | We won't Give into Kidnappers' Demands, Vows Irag Scotsman

16 Sep UN Chief Annan: Invasion of Iraq 'illegal' CS Monitor

9 Sep Genesis Capsule a 'Mangled Mess' | NASA tries to salvage solar dust Melbourne Herald

6 Sep Stirred, but not shaking in the valley: Expert concedes his temblor forecast 'probably a false alarm' Desert Sun

11 Aug Meteor show may be 'spectacular' BBC

10 Aug Volcano could flatten US cities New Zealand Herald | Nature 'mankind's gravest threat' BBC

9 Aug Fixing NASA's Hubble: Its Time to Fish or Cut Bait SpaceRef | Relays from Mars Show International Interplanetary Networking JPL/NASA

1 Aug Presidential Race Remains Close; No Convention Bounce Gallup

31 Jul Mercury probe prepares for launch BBC | MESSENGER - Unlocking the Secrets of Mercury NASA

29 Jul John Kerry's nomination acceptance speech: transcript DNC

27 Jul Kerry Mum on NASA, Future of Space AP | Space pioneer questions human spaceflight MSNBC | Private craft prepare to launch on Sept 29 CNN | Asteroids may have created ancient craters MSNBC

26 Jul Academics Use Formulas to Predict Bush Win Reuters

24 Jul More Astronauts Approved for Space Station NY Times

23 Jul 9/11 Report Calls for a Sweeping Overhaul of Intelligence NY Times

22 Jul Hawking: I've solved the black hole riddle (loses bet to Caltech physicist in the process) Guardian

16 Jul Why Manila caved to terrorist demands CS Monitor | Mollycoddling Milksops of Manila pulled a France Houston Chronicle

14 Jul "Jeopardy!" Mints a Millionaire E! Online

29 Jun Space Elevator: Momentum Building

23 Jun NASA Plans Cash Prizes in Wake of SpaceShipOne Success | NASA faces difficult changes Fort Frances Times

22 Jun Private space ship reaches space SD Union-Tribune | SpaceShipOne scrapes into history Nature | At One Point, 'I Was Deathly Afraid,' New Space Visitor Admits NY Times | Challenge Me to the Moon National Review

20 Jun Scientists Teleport Not Kirk, but an Atom NY Times

18 Jun Stardust spacecraft reveals suprising anatomy of a comet NASA/JPL

7 Jun Boeing tries to defy gravity BBC | Skull & Bones: Bush and Kerry's little secrets CBS

6 Jun The public helps keep hope alive for Hubble Chicago Tribune

4 Jun President, Pope Discuss Iraq Abuse and Sovereignty PBS

3 Jun Private spaceship set for historic flight MSNBC

12 May Exploiting Abu Ghraib National Review

5 May View My Space Talk at Caltech's Streaming Theater

16 Apr Bin Laden peace offer to Europe UPI | Xerox Takes Step Toward Roll-Up Plastic Displays TechWeb News

15 Apr UCLA Geophysicist Warns 6.4 Quake To Hit LA By Sept 5 SpaceDaily | Quake prediction called hypothetical Pasadena Star News

13 Apr How to have your abstract rejected Funny

10 Apr Feds give private spaceship go-ahead to expand flight testing USA Today

9 Apr Ancient burial looks like human and pet cat CNN

8 Apr The Myth of Low-Thrust Propulsion SpaceDaily

6 Apr Jobs: Google hiring at lunar hosting site

4 Apr Terrorist suspects blow themselves up in Spain Wahington Post

3 Apr More than 600 California 'geeks' link PCs to form supercomputer | Probe eyes key concept of physics Boston Globe

1 Apr Genesis: Here Comes the Sun JPL

30 Mar Hypersonic jet blasts speed record Nature | Orbital Sciences Up, Up, and Away Motley Fool

29 Mar Nasa prototype breaks speed record Guardian | Second century of powered flight is heralded by jet's 5,000mph record Independent

27 Mar Jet test a step to new kind of space travel Miami Herald

24 Mar Politics of Water: Ancient Sea on Mars Begs Human Exploration | Salty Sea Covered Part of Mars: 'Excellent' Site to Search for Past Life

23 Mar Standing Body of Water Left Its Mark in Mars Rocks JPL/NASA

19 Mar Recently Discovered Near-Earth Asteroid Makes Record-breaking Approach to Earth NASA/JPL

15 Mar 10th planet in our solar system found by Caltech professor BBC | Spain ousts U.S.-allied ruling party

14 Mar NASA's Hubble Space Telescope: A Fate Far From Certain SpaceRef | NASA/ESA Hubble's Deepest View Ever of the Universe Unveils Earliest Galaxies Space Ref

13 Mar Contest Ends in Fall of the Machines LA Times

12 Mar Caltech and 14 other teams qualify for Mojave robot race CNN

2 Mar Opportunity Rover Finds Strong Evidence Meridiani Planum Was Wet JPL/NASA | Near misses raise rocky questions The Age

26 Feb What is a comet? Deutsche Welle

24 Feb Gibson's Passion First Things | Tisco's commentary

17 Feb With Close-Ups of Mars, the Mystery Gets Lost in Space NY Times | Why the US fall election may be tart CS Monitor

16 Feb Scientists see light from 750M years after creation: most distant object known Quad-City Times

14 Feb The Mars Beneath the Waves Washington Post | Fertilizing' oceans could affect food chain, scientists say SD Union-Tribune | Hubble's star is fading Globe & Mail

13 Feb International Interplanetary Networking Succeeds: ESA and NASA Working Together JPL/NASA | Free to think Seattle Post-Intelligencer

11 Feb Life As We Know It Began in Scotland: 400 million-year-old insect found NY Times

4 Feb Science Trumps Ritual in Mystery Skeleton Row Reuters

29 Jan NASA Reflects on Space Program Casualties: Inaugurates 'Day of Remembrance' ABC News | Pacific Dictates Droughts and Drenchings JPL/NASA

27 Jan What Have We Done For You Lately? NASA Connections to Everyday Life NASA | Opportunity Finds Martian Layer Cake Astrobiology Magazine

19 Jan Bush to make politics of the future fun again CNN

17 Jan Artic peoples contain highest concentrations of pollutants LA Times | Arctic Life Threatened by Toxic Chemicals Nat'l Geo.

15 Jan Text of Bush Speech FOX News | Bush sees US back on moon by 2020 Boston Globe | NASA tinkering to make space travel a go Seattle Times | Cost of Bush Space Initiative Unclear | Bush's New Direction for NASA Gets Enthusiastic Bi-Partisan Welcome

12 Jan Moon-hopping to Mars The Economist

5 Jan JPL's Solar System Page | Spirit Rover Consolidates Its Foothold on Mars SciAm | Across Sands of Time and Oceans of Space LA Times | Mission to Mars: The three basic questions UPI | U.S. Sets Mad Cow Trade Talks with Mexico, Japan Wired News

29 Dec Quake-Ravaged Bam a Wake-Up Call for Iranians Pacific News Service

26 Dec Major Iran Quake Kills Thousands in Ancient City Reuters | 2004 shaping into a very Martian new year UPI

24 Dec The True Meaning of Christmas Rob Mathis | The Religiosity of Christmas Linda Chavez | Christ's actual birth date is open for debate J. Michael Parker

22 Dec Four Spacecraft to Reach Mars Over Next Month Fox News | Space mission can bring some design inspiration to UK Scotsman

18 Dec First private rocket ship goes supersonic New Scientist

17 Dec Ancient Figurines Found--From First Modern Humans? National Geographic

13 Dec European Summit Ends in Failure Guardian

12 Dec European Union faces major disputes at summit on new constitution SF Gate | A house divided: EU struggles to lay new foundation CS Monitor | EU braces for summit on constitution Aljazeera

12 Dec Globalizing Internet Brings Unexpected Problems Reuters

11 Dec "Illegal aliens" should be "legalized," according to Homeland Security director Washington Post

10 Dec Japan sets ASEAN free trade talks to take on China Forbes

3 Dec Gospel according to The Simpsons Ananova

2 Dec FrankenFish: Glow-In-The-Dark Pet Fish Coming Soon Yahoo! News

1 Dec Crazy Names: The Solar System's Nomenclature Wars

12 Nov Inventors unveil handy new phone ABC News

7 Nov Voyager space probe venturing beyond our solar system Seattle Times

2 Nov Bad policy fuels California's wildfires Rep. John Doolittle | California's Fires and Environmentalists CATO Institute | Sue the environmentalists! Barbara Simpson

24 Oct The Outer Space and Moon Treaties and the Coming Moon Rush Space Daily | European MPs Favours Ambitious Space Program Space Daily

20 Oct Pentagon unleashes a holy warrior LA Times | N.Y.U. Student's Fatal Plunge Appears to Be Another Suicide NY Times

15 Oct U.S. Drove Out Founder of China's Rocketry Program AP

14 Oct China readies for first manned space flight Reuters

12 Oct FBI Reveals Few Clues on Suspect in Attacks on SUVs LA Times | Sierra Glaciers in Rapid Retreat LA Times

11 Oct China's Manned Space Trip to Loop Planet ABC News

7 Oct It's OK for Bono to curse Miami Herald

5 Oct California Governor Recall: Top candidates USA Today

24 Sep Journey's End: Last Gasp for Galileo | Tisco's commentary

23 Sep Bush's speech to the UN CNN | Ex-NASA Adviser Warns of Station Accident ABC News

16 Sep Frustration, Disappointment Rampant in Wake of WTO Failure VOA News

14 Sep NASA plans to plunge its Galileo spacecraft into Jupiter next week VOA News | Hurricane Isabel Intensifies, Moves West ABC News

12 Sep Poorer nations unite against US, EU at WTO meeting USA Today | Mexico's experience highlights inequities in free-trade policies Arizona Republic

11 Sep Scientists in the Age of Terror and Knowledge Economies David Baltimore

10 Sep Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard

9 Sep Scientist: NASA Funding Key to Future Space Travel Reuters

20 Aug Star of Bethlehem: Going Back in Time to Examine Its Origins | Tisco's commentary

19 Aug Attack one of the worst in U.N. history CNN | Passion Play Michael Novak

16 Aug NATION'S POWER SYSTEM: Officials call for overhaul Detroit Free Press

8 Aug Mars close approach: Discover | | | BBC | table of close approaches

6 Aug 'Smiling terrorist' sentenced to death by firing squad in Indonesia Chanel News Asia

3 Aug US baffled as troops in Iraq hit by killer virus

2 Aug Gibson's gaffe Lewis Regenstein

1 Aug Blair hit hard by suicide scandal Toronto Star

30 July Bush Takes Full Responsibility for False Iraqi Nuclear Allegation in State of Union Speech VOA News | Destruction Of Ozone Layer Is Slowing After Worldwide Ban On CFC Release American Geophysical Union

29 July I'll be at a UCSB meeting regarding an Army Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies

24 July U.S. defends release of pictures USA Today

23 July Tens of thousands mourn 'Queen of Salsa,' Celia Cruz CNN

22 July Basque separatist group ETA launches summer compaign with bomb Guardian | Bombs Wound 13 at Spanish Resorts After ETA Warning Reuters

19 July Dream Jobs: Rocket Scientist

18 July Orbiting cosmonaut may wed fiancee in Texas in first-ever wedding from space

16 July Report Could Be Tough On NASA CBS/AP

14 July The valedictorian that sued Jonathan Last

14 July The website of Selenne and Colin's upcoming wedding

10 July How Science Brought Down the Shuttle Matthew B. Koss

9 July Geniuses, Criminals Do Best Work in Their 30s Reuters

7 July My friend John Barber will be hosting a table at San Diego Comicon, July 17-20.

6 July The Society for Amateur Scientists is hosting a conference at Caltech on July 17-20.

3 July I am a member of the Nonlinear Astrodynamics Group (NAST). Yes, I'm a NASTy. See our poster.

1 July A chaotician? Oh yeah, like that Jeff Goldblum character in Jurassic Park

27 June: Sommer Festival `03 at Uni Paderborn (Deutschland)

26 June: Happy 4th Anniversary to Matt & Laura

23 June: Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kurt & Jenn

20 June: Space Tourism Back in Business Moscow Times

20 June: Seminar on Space Tourism to be held at 13th Economic Forum

11 June: First of NASA Rovers En Route to Mars

8 June: I'm in Barcelona for a summer school

4 June: This Friday, June 6 at Caltech, see the world premiere of Raman Leela, a Harish Bhat film

3 June: Text of Mubarak, Bush Remarks LA Times

29 May: Amnesty Report: More Insecurity Worldwide Despite US Crackdown on Terror | Bope Hope turns 100 LA Times

28 May: Mathematical history of orbits and gravitation MacTutor History of Mathematics | Imagine American Idol run by a bunch of English teachers USA Today | Callers want to speak with God, get Bruce instead

27 May: Navigating From Outer Space Deutsche Welle

21 May: Al Qaeda statement BBC | Bush touts U.S. generosity AP | Bomb Damages Yale University LA Times | Zen in SilverLake: upcoming bands

20 May: The Gospel According to Neo CS Monitor

19 May: Bombings may spur antiterror unity CS Monitor | Chaotic Transport conference schedule UCLA

18 May: Chaos Theory Explains Origin Of New Moons: Chaos-assisted capture of irregular moons Nature

17 May: There was I, at Wango Tango

15 May: Alex and Carmen are getting married! | Openness to Challenge M. Scott Peck | Saving Private Lynch story 'flawed' BBC

14 May: Bombings in Chechnya leave dozens dead: Russian Leader Escapes Chechnya Suicide Attack Washington Post

13 May: See my new project: Important Events in Human History

8 May: A tale of two nations Michael Barone | Iran is firm on peaceful use of nuclear energy IranMania | Hookers Out Of Control In Houston

5 May: Cinco de Mayo History | Interplanetary Internet

3 May: Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

30 Apr: CEO Jeff Bezos is getting into the space business | See the presentation I made to Bezos' space-research company Blue Origin.

29 Apr: Satellite Falls Into Pacific Ocean | Why do some societies make disastrous decisions? Jared Diamond | Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard commencement address

28 Apr: Military-Industrial Complex Speech Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 | New crew at space station Moscow Times

25 Apr: California company plans first manned spaceflight to win X-Prize FOX News

24 Apr: Detroit Bar Costa Mesa

23 Apr: Prometheus: Lighting NASA's Nuclear Fire | Nukes in space

14 Apr: Antiwar activist and his soldier son

11 Apr: Troops search Saddam's palace, find cheetahs! Air France and British Airways ditch their Concordes ; Military supervised anarchy in Baghdad ; India's multipurpose satellite INSAT 3A launched

8 Apr: War in Babylon has evangelicals seeing Earth's final days SF Gate ; Are Christian evangelists eyeing Iraq? Al Jazeera

7 Apr: Havana cracks down on dissent; The Frisbee Is Mightier Than The Tank; Will the U.S. use chemical weapons?; Cockroach racing in Moscow; Al Jazeera in English; What Happened To America?

5 Apr: Earth has a nuclear reactor at its center; Shortage of scientists in South Africa; Saudi Media Blast Saddam

4 Apr: Iraqi 'hero' led Marines to injured POW, hopes he and his family can meet Jessica Lynch in the future; Brave New World: An Enduring Pax Americana; Traffic jam on the road to 'Pax Americana'; The new Christian crusades; Atlantic Monthly Editor Killed in Iraq

3 Apr: Baghdad's long end-game begins; The New Oil Order

2 Apr: See The Randies on Thursday April 10 at Club Lingerie in LA ; Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter : a proposed NASA mission to orbit three planet-sized moons of Jupiter

1 Apr: A blogger in Baghdad; U.S. Forms Own U.N., The Onion

25 Mar: Human Rights Abuses in Saddam's Iraq: The Violent Coercion and Repression of the Iraqi People; An independent site

24 Mar: Public presentation and discussion March 25 at 6:45pm at the Art Center: Endangered Species: Designing The Post-Human

21 Mar: Anti-War EU States Seek Defense Pact Without UK; The humanitarian consequences of war; War's human cost likely to frustrate U.S. objectives; Protest in Pasadena; After the Shock and Awe, next will come the despair; read the handbook, Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance

20 Mar: Bush's Brezhnev Doctrine; Welcome to the New World order; Antiwar protests circle the globe; and thoughts from my blog

19 Mar: U.S. Has Severe Image Problem in Much of Europe, Poll Finds; Mutual Incomprehension: Why is the U.S. so isolated?

19 Mar: In pictures: Preparations for war; Iraq could gas own people, blame allies-UK sources; Former French Arts Minister: Bush 'blinded by his messianic fundamentalism'; Cheat & Retreat: an Iranian journalist's predictions

18 Mar: Bush to Hussein: 'Leave Iraq within 48 hours'; some commentary on the speech; Two-thirds of American's support Bush's ultimatum

15 Mar: Some images from the March 15 anti-war rally in LA

14 Mar: State Dept. to Bush: Democracy Domino Theory 'Not Credible'

13 Mar: Water 'flows' on Mars

13 Mar: Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic of Serbia Assissinated; Serbs look to the West to help rebuild

11 Mar: 'Massive' Air Force bomb tested at Eglin; nearby buildings shook

10 Mar: Iraq situation at a glance

10 Mar: Not only is the moon landing a hoax, but I've just been informed the moon itself is a hoax.

8 Mar: US, Britain and Spain propose March 17th deadline for Iraq, The Irish Times

5 Mar: Bully Bush - The president is botching the Iraq crisis with his clumsy, naive unilateralism, Fred Kaplan

5 Mar: California students ditch classes to protest possible war

3 Mar: China plans three-phase Moon exploration

28 Feb: Stardust found, blown across space from the explosion of some distant, long dead star

27 Feb: Space pioneer dead, adrift at "sea"

25 Feb: Come to the Planetary Defense Conference in 2004. Related article: NASA Should Lead More Focused Program to Reduce Threat from Hazardous Asteroids

24 Feb: Unknown object in orbit; it's probably Apollo 12; (animations)

24 Feb: They said Afghanistan was a 'war for oil' too, National Post. See also The price of unilateralism

23 Feb: Read the popular article by Doug Smith about our group's research. Engineering & Science (pdf version)

22 Feb: Come to the Physics colloquium at CSU Long Beach on Feb. 24!

20 Feb: Martian gullies 'carved by water'

18 Feb: Blair to visit Pope: Pope refuses to call any eventual conflict a "just war"

17 Feb: By George! It's not Presidents' Day. It's Washington's birthday.

17 Feb: EU Summit Tries to Narrow Differences over Iraq

12 Feb: What is the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter?,

6 Feb: Russia halts space tourist flights, game show

6 Feb: The U.S. Standoff With Iraq: A Guide to the Key Issues

5 Feb: Columbia Astronauts Rick Husband, Mike Anderson 'fervently lived for God'

5 Feb: Farewell Yugoslavia : Hello Serbia & Montenegro

3 Feb: Key Facts About the International Space Station

3 Feb: Statement from the Families of Space Shuttle Columbia

3 Feb: Russia Unable to Bolster Space Station: Russian officials fear US may lose interest in station

3 Feb: U.S. Leaders Vow To Sustain Program: Columbia Crew Mourned Across World (photos) (NASA's website)

31 Jan: Europe's intellects unite!, Financial Times

29 Jan: NASA Set to Unveil 'Jupiter Tour' Mission. Seems our Multi-Moon Orbiter idea caught someone's attention. That's great news!

27 Jan: Come to the Physics colloquium at CSU Long Beach on Feb. 24!

20 Jan: Palestinian, Israeli fly tests on shuttle

17 Jan: I will be in the Maryland/Virginia area until the 26th. BTW, today is the 12th anniversary of the start of the Gulf War.

16 Jan: First Israeli in Space Sees Mission as a Symbolic Journey

14 Jan: Europe to postpone launch of comet-lander

13 Jan: Security Tight for Space Shuttle and First Israeli Astronaut

10 Jan: My sister Natalie got Winona Ryder's role in her high school's production of The Crucible.

9 Jan: Check out Koreatown nightlife in L.A.

7 Jan: Confronting history in the spirit of Lewis and Clark

6 Jan: Revive the Roman Empire! Amir Taheri

5 Jan: China is planning a manned space mission for this year, which would make it the third nation to do so, behind the former Soviet Union and the U.S.

3 Jan: Omagosh! CNN reports that a cat-and-mouse asteroid nears Earth. More info: [1] [2] [3] [4]

3 Jan: Read this article about mixing Christ and alcohol: Would-be bar owners plan to pour out spirit of religion by Rob Kirkbride, 2002

2 Jan: Happy New Year! Did someone say clones and fringe groups? For the "progressive" minded, there's 'polyamory, polyfidelity, and the expanded family.' Seems the children of `60s "free love" are getting organized.

25 Dec: Merry Christmas! Saddam Hussein warns the US that Iraqis are ready for 'holy war and martyrdom'

20 Dec: I will be in Texas for the holiday break until Dec 28. And btw, heard on NPR that if you're caught in a tornado in your trailer, you should get into your car, where it'll be safer.

14 Dec: I turn 27 today. And N. Korea officially hates me.

11 Dec: Fatherhood, 2002 by Damon Linker, First Things

2 Dec: Students fight 'indoctrination' regarding the Middle East:, Campus Watch, and a comment. Also, freedom to criticize religion is not universal, as this Iranian professor knows. And Saddam Hussein's torture methods (beware: disturbing).

1 Dec: A Funny Sort of Empire: Are Americans really so imperial?

27 Nov: I'm in Oakhurst, CA for Thanksgiving. Have a good time!

21 Nov: The facts about Anaheim. And odds are you can't find Iraq on a map.

19 Nov: Armageddon Can Wait: Stopping Killer Asteroids : NY Times. Family attacks driver whose van hit nine-year-old girl, AP.

18 Nov: My sister Natalie wrote a poem. Crick seeks essence of consciousness.

15 Nov: Today/tomorrow, molecular modeling workshop. Tonight, "Walk With Me" in Torrance. Tomrrow night, check out the band Friendship Motor Inn at Zen Sushi.

14 Nov: Turin Shroud from Middle Ages, say Russian scientists

12 Nov: Some say the anti-American era is coming to an end. And if you're the one who stole Newton's "Principia," give it back punk!

11 Nov: The Other Greatest Generation : Give thanks for all veterans today, but one group, in particular.

8 Nov: Have a good Veteran's Day weekend everyone! I'll be spending the weekend at an undisclosed location in Mammoth. Maybe Dick Cheney will be there. List of happenings in Mammoth this weekend.

5 Nov: Get election results from C-SPAN.

5 Nov: Despite the jaw dropping $300 a month salary, the Russian Space Agency is having no luck recruiting new cosmonauts

4 Nov: An art show, a party, and a church rounded out a cathartic weekend.

3 Nov: I'm finally beating that Irish Senator on Google. 31 Oct: Yo, the Halloween party is tonight. Come. And the National Science Foundation is the coolest thing since pita bread!

29 Oct: Jenny Smith leaves for Thailand this Saturday, so let's wish her godspeed and keep her in our prayers.

28 Oct: Saturday, the Angels made the biggest comeback ever in an elimination game in the World Series' century-long history. Game 7 was kinda anticlimactic, but hey, the Halos won!
Unconcerned with angels, the ACLU seeks to remove the Ten Commandments from a courthouse.

24 Oct: A pretty picture. Something to do with angels...? Don't know.

23 Oct: Wow! I'm number 10 for the Google keywords prawns vs. shrimp.

22 Oct: Darwinism in Crisis: lecture and discussion, 7-9:30pm, Thurs, Oct 24. Contact me if you want to go.

20 Oct: I received an email addressed to some "mathematician named Ross" that I suspect was originally intended for this man. And fyi, Giants and Angels are tied 1-1.

18 Oct: Dude, the World Series! It's not just a California thing.

17 Oct: For fans of Jesus and Wal-Mart, look here. And watch out for conservatives with an attitude!

16 Oct: Come dance with me, butterfly.

15 Oct: I'm back. Dracula was good. Tonight is your last chance to see it at Conroe High School in Texas. And it's an all-California World Series, but fans are worlds apart. Go A-Town!

12 Oct: I'll be seeing my sister Natalie in the play "Dracula" this weekend in Texas.

11 Oct: Chaos seen in movement of ring-herding "shepherd" Moons of Saturn according to Nicole Rappaport (NASA) and Peter Goldreich (Caltech), 2002

8 Oct: Caltech astronomers discover new planet-sized object in our solar system.

Saturday October 5
I'm at the University of Cincinnati for Midwest Dynamical Systems Seminar where I gave a similar talk.

Mittwoch Oktober 2
I'm at Uni Paderborn, Germany, for the Space Days workshop, where I gave a talk. I leave Thursday for a Cincinnati seminar.

Freitag September 27
I'm in Munich today for Oktoberfest. Staying in the quiet village of Augsburg -- very charming. Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday September 22
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Jackie Bonfrisco, married yesterday; they're hopefully in the Mexican riviera by now...

Tomorrow I leave for Germany early in the AM.
Stay well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Wednesday September 18
The 10,000th visitor was Colin and here's his incontrovertible proof. His prize is as yet un-specified, but Shane was recently seen at a Walmart. Oh boy!

Thursday September 12
Solomon and Darwin: Whoever troubles his own household will inherit the wind.